Day 1568 | Winter Scooting


If we can’t play in the snow (ugh), at least we’ve got scooting as an alternative winter activity. Specifically, the highlight of today’s adventure was ice-scooting. It was pretty impressive.  

Also, isn’t this photo amazing? I love everything about it. Except for the fact that Robbe’s helmet *might be* a bit small for his growing noggin. Ah can’t win ‘em all.  

Day 1565 | All I Want for Christmas...


Just a couple of weeks shy of being able to sing the song! It’s going to take some getting used to...the fact that he’s toothless in the front and that his speech is even different! Our sweet boy continues to leave babyhood behind. Sniffle sniffle. 

As a side note, he lost the tooth at school (for the second time) and declared that it “bled a lot.” I’m sure that was a fun part of the teacher’s day. Ha!

Day 1564 | Awbie and Osmo


Robbe’s fever last night meant a day stuck at home with me—which he didn’t mind, for the record. After a day of laying low, lots of reading, a short nap, and a bit of tv, Chase arrived home and the boys played the Coding Awbie game on Osmo (which connects to our iPad) for most of the afternoon. It was the perfect interactive but low-energy form of entertainment in hopes we could keep the fever from coming back (we couldn’t...ugh). 

If you haven’t heard of this Osmo system, it’s worth checking out. Chase was introduced to it at school and as much as I dislike the idea of the boys zoning out in front of a screen, the interactive nature of this system (you actually manipulate objects in front of the iPad that register on the screen) makes this feel different to me.  

With a fever at bedtime, it’s looking like another sick day tomorrow. Think happy thoughts for us.  

Day 1563 | Water Park


To make good on a promise to the boys from two months ago, we ventured to the water park today. As much as donning a swimsuit in Wisconsin in January isn’t my favorite idea for an outing, it was a fun way to spend the morning and the boys had a blast. They loved the big water slides and the playground area and the lazy river (which doesn’t seem that shocking...but you just never know with kids). The extra motivation needed to get out the door was definitely worth it. 

Oh, and then we came home and five hours later Robbe came down with a fever—that’s why we shouldn’t leave the house. Ha!

Day 1561 | A Year in Photos

My absolute favorite photo of this year. I love everything about this.

My absolute favorite photo of this year. I love everything about this.

Settle in…I’ve assembled my top 16 favorite shots from 2018. I know 16 seems like a lot but when we’re talking about 300+ photos to choose from, it’s remarkable I could narrow it down this much!

It took some extra motivation to get this collage pulled together today but I’m glad I did it. Looking back at how far we’ve come over the past year—through the ups and downs—forces us all to slow down and reflect on where we’re going next. Sometimes the days seem long and dark and sometimes everything is sunny and bright. I’ll stay optimistic for more sunny days in 2019—no matter what the weather actually delivers!

If you’re in the mood for throwback photos, here’s a collage of 2017 Photos. I must have missed this post last year. Oops!

Day 1559 | Happy 2019!


The New Year’s Eve supplies *might have* been from last year (notice the glasses), but we figured we could be celebrating the past year in addition to the year ahead...right?!? 

We rang in the year with some of our favorite friends (who happen to be family). I have a feeling 2019 is going to be pretty great. I hope you’re filled with the same optimism as you look toward the year ahead. 

Day 1558 | Ice Walk


The warm(ish) temperatures and rain last week paved the way for a pretty fantastic walk this afternoon. Temperatures have dropped again (boo!) so all that standing water froze and left us with a dozen mini skating rinks to explore. The one pictured above froze needles and leaves in a crystal-clear shine. It was pretty breathtaking. Some of the other rinks we discovered cracked when we walked on them and allowed the boys to chip away some impressive chunks. 

After being inside for most of the past week, we definitely enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. And the ice escapades definitely didn’t hurt.