Day 4 | Meet the Team: The rest of the gang

Family portrait circa 2010
Family portrait circa 2010.  Artist credit to our neice Ann.
 She nailed the head size difference between Chris and me.

Rounding out the rest of the family team:

Name: Sara (me!)
Age: 30 (how did that happen?)
Favorites: family (immediate and, love, love these people), crafting (I'll have time for this again someday, right?), eating Chase's leftover fruit (if there is any), listening to toddler belly laughs, unearthing baby smiles
Biggest hurdle to overcome: middle of the night feedings (I think that post-partum adrenaline has officially worn off)
Dreams for the future: enjoying a glass of wine after 9pm with my hubbie while both boys are in bed sleeping like angels. Someday, someday.

Name: Chris
Age: 31
Favorites: a toddler welcome at the end of a work day, movie trailers (although watching the full movies rarely happens), having every other Friday off, Wisconsin sports teams, Cadbury cream eggs (how can anyone eat those things?), gigantic ice cubes
Biggest hurdle to overcome: helping Chase understand the intricacies of Brewer baseball
Dreams for the future: finally being done with loan paper work for the new house (seriously, are 60+ signatures needed?)

Name: Miga the Cat
Age: 7.5 years
Favorites: being outside, sleeping on white surfaces (only makes sense since she's a black cat), head-butting for attention, showing off her snaggle-teeth (she has two, could we be any luckier?), keeping our feet and crooks of our knees warm at night (really helpful and not at all annoying)
Biggest hurdle to overcome: eating as much grass as desired without the consequences of not being able to digest it
Dreams for the future: a day when she can walk around in a state of bliss without having to be on high alert for toddler tail grabs (it's not as funny as Chase thinks it is...we're getting there)

Name: Moggy the Cat
Age: he was with us for 7 eventful years
Favorites: eating anything and everything (favorites over the years: cell phone chargers, q-tips, hair ties), getting attention from Chase (I swear he really did like it), rubbing up on Chris's work pants (he was a white cat so rubbing on black pants just makes sense), sitting in boxes (why is this fun for cats?)
Dreams for the future: our family challenge is coming to terms with the fact we'll never see that sweet, handsome kitty cat again. He'll always be with us in spirit...