Day 42 | Call Me Crazy

Waiting at the DMV
Chase's favorite chairs at the DMV.
Who decides to tackle a trip to the DMV and the cable company in the same morning...with two babies? This girl. 

The boys were amazingly patient (more so than me through the waits) and we managed to get out of both with only a few tears. Who cried, you might ask? Robbe would have been a safe bet since he should have been napping, but no. Chase got tired of waiting and broke down, might be another guess. Nope. In fact, after spending about 45 minutes at the DMV (there was a crazy line even if the photo above doesn't attest to that), Chase cried when we were leaving because he wanted to sit on the chairs some more. That kid. Hysterical. 

If only I could say it was a perfectly executed trip. Unfortunately, because Chris's name is first on our car registration (mine is also listed, mind you), I couldn't change our address and, more importantly, walked away without a parking permit. Can anyone explain why it matters who is listed first? Not cool. Not cool at all.