Day 44 | Miga Settles In

A perfectly organized closet (that will last about two days, I'm sure) and this is where I've been finding Miga the last couple of days.  That's ok, I didn't want those sweaters to be free of cat hair anyway.

She's handling the transition to the new house pretty well, in case you're wondering. She has fully explored all the nooks, crannies and windows. Her crazy loud meow wails have subsided (I think she just wanted us to know she was present). She can't go outside anymore, though (we had a closed in patio at the old house), but that hasn't stopped her from trying. She bolts out of any open door like she's running after her long lost mother (I can only assume that's how excited she'd be to see her). This trend is not particularly appreciated and will undoubtedly result in her getting into serious trouble at some point. The grass is always greener, I guess.