Day 57 | Vacation: Poolside firsts

The rest of the fam headed to an amusement park this morning (shout out to Val for helping with tickets!) so we decided to spend a quiet morning by the pool.

I think Chase is on attention overload with all the family around (definitely not complaining!!) so the morning with just our family is hopefully what he needs to snap him out of the crankiness that's been following him around the last couple of days. The poolside morning could not have been more perfect: the shade was a comfortable temperature, it wasn't too busy, and both boys checked a first off the list.

Robbe went swimming for the first time! He seemed to enjoy tears at least. His brother even splashed him in the face a couple of times but no problem. He also enjoyed a lovely poolside nap in his dad's arms. Nothing better than that!

Chase's first? He jumped in from the side of the pool. This probably doesn't seem that impressive, unless you know our toddler who takes a lot of encouragement to try new things. He went from only wanting to spend time in the 4-inch deep kiddie pool to jumping off the side of the big pool, floating on his back, and learning the doggie paddle. Big day! He kept asking to go back with IsabelleAnneLane (all one word) to show off his new tricks!