Day 58 | Vacation: Cramming it all in

The days just fly by too quickly on vacation. I'm not ready to call it quits. I've actually got a bit of the depressions about it. So, instead of fixating on that (sniffle, sniffle), I'll focus on what a fun last full day of vacation we had.

Another beautiful day beckoned us to the pool. Chase got even more comfortable in the water and had his dreams come true to be joined by all his cousins, uncle Matt, Grandpa Paw, Grandma Mary and his Dad. I started out on Robbe duty until he was willing to sleep solo on a lounge chair...and good was hot out!

My friend, Val, was sweet enough to join us for lunch. It has been years (years!) since we've seen each other and yet it felt like no time has past. Isn't that the test of real friendships? We had a ton to catch up on and we shoved as much into an hour as could be imagined. I wish we could see each other more often, but I'll take what I can get. 

After putting the kiddos down for their naps, mom and I snuck out to the outlets to spend some quality baby-free time. Ahhh...a taste of a past life. 

As if all that excitement weren't enough, we came home to a Gullicksrud Family Mini Putt contest and another delicious meal. 

Seriously, vacation life is the best. Now you see why I have the depressions?