Day 73 | Mommy Marshall Morning

Last weekend, we celebrated Daddy Marshall Day so today we had to even the score with a Mommy Marshall Morning.

Even though it was a pretty lovely day (weather-wise), we decided to check out a really close neighborhood attraction that has been on our list since we moved. Chase and I walked to the Takoma Aquatic Center for some indoor swimming fun. The kiddie pool wasn't open which was a bummer but Chase did great in the big pool. Lots of jumping off the edge, kicking on a kick board, using a noodle to float, and walking up and down the ramp into the water. 

I really enjoyed the one on one time and I think Chase did, too. We'll definitely be back to the Aquatic Center (maybe we'll go when there's bad weather next time...). What a fun activity to have two blocks from our house.