Day 110 | Another Day, Another Park

 Have I mentioned how much I enjoy living in a city with a plethora of parks? As much as we love Tree Park and visit it often, having new parks to check out and neighborhoods to explore is a fantastic summertime activity for this trio (me and the boys).

Today's adventure took us to Chevy Chase Recreation Center. It was a really fun playground and Chase found lots of challenging and fun equipment to master. The best parts of the day? 

1. Spending time with our friends Laura and Pearl before they welcome their new baby into their family (today's her due date!). 

2. Hanging out in our old neighborhood. Living in Chevy Chase as a newly married couple when we moved to the District (8 years ago!) was one of the best times of our life. We loved this neighborhood so much that we named Chase (remember, this is his middle name) after it. Such fond memories.