Day 135 | Lincoln's Cottage

We discovered a new historical attraction really close to our house: President Lincoln's Cottage. To be honest, we visited the grounds of the cottage and not the cottage itself. You need tickets for that tour...and it's an hour long. Not exactly what we had in mind for today.

Instead, we participated in the family day. There were fun "civil war games" (like giant bowling balls and pins?), two storytimes, card making for veterans (not Chase's favorite activity...I guess we need to start teaching him more about patriotism), reenactments, and a petting zoo (Chase even petted a duck, rabbit, goat, and guinea pig...but not the turtle). And, much to my dismay (mostly for the sake of a photo), Chase would not make a stovepipe hat. Urgh, what's wrong with that kid?

We had a lot of fun even if the rain tried to ruin it for us. I look forward to touring the cottage itself at some point, but for now this introduction was perfect.

*On a side note, Robbe had his first official forward crawl this morning. He really wanted Chase's water bottle. More updates to come as his crawl becomes more efficient.