Day 149 | At Long, Long Last

After 12 (twelve!) long weeks of waiting, our loveseats were delivered today. When we purchased them, the sales manager said it could be 8-10 weeks but more likely 6-8. Here we are 12 weeks and probably 10 phone calls later. Finally. 

To put it in perspective, here's what Robbe has managed to accomplish in the same amount of time: 
  -Mastered rolling over
  -Unleashed his belly laugh
  -Went from hating tummy time to loving it
  -Started sitting up
  -Started crawling
  -Became a clapper
  -Expanded his diet to solids
  -Was sleep trained
  -Went through a sleep regression
  -Was sleep trained again (maybe it'll stick this time!)
  -Grew an inch and a quarter
  -Gained two pounds

I'm happy to say it was worth the wait. We love the new addition to our living room (we were starting to forget what we picked out!) and now we can start finalizing furniture and art placement. Have I mentioned...finally!