Day 155 | The Zoo!

I woke up with a great idea: we should spend the morning at the National Zoo. So that's just what we did. Our goal was to get out of the house at 9am (rarely happens) and we locked the door at 8:55am. Why thank you, I will take a pat on the back for that.

It was the perfect perfect activity this morning. The weather felt very fall-like, the crowds hadn't descended yet, Chase really got into seeing the animals, we splurged and got coffee on the way in (thanks, Mom!), and Robbe even slept in the stroller (usually I put him in the carrier to sleep). See? Perfect.

A couple of long naps and an evening with dear friends will round out the day. I'm feeling very lucky.

Side note: You'll notice Chase is holding his toy Thomas train in the photo above. We've been telling lots of stories lately about the adventures of Chase and Thomas (even though he's a train, he enjoys doing the same things as Chase). We just told him the story of "Chase and Thomas Go to the Zoo" earlier this week so it seemed necessary to take Thomas with on this field trip today. He enjoyed seeing the animals, for the record.