Day 156 | It's So Nice To See...

I've realized that I don't give the appropriate number of shout-outs to my husband on this blog. I could never list everything he does for our family in one post but the most impressive thing about this man, to me, is his desire and ability to put his family first no matter how exhausted/overwhelmed/drained he is. Chris always has energy for the boys, sometimes I honestly can't figure out how he does it.

He asked me yesterday if it bothers me that strangers come up to him (not infrequently) and make a comment like, "It's so nice to see a father spending time with his children." Kind of an odd statement in my opinion and I have never, no surprise, had anyone say something similar to me as a mother. I could honestly say that it doesn't bother me in the least. 

Instead, it just makes me feel even luckier that I call this man my husband and that our boys call him dad. Not everyone plays the role he does and not everyone can rock at it the way he does. 

Enough sappiness for one post. Hope you don't mind the love note. And, with that...Go Badgers!