Day 175 | Back to Reality

Today was definitely a snap back into reality. The boys had a good night considering the late (ok, extremely late) bedtime. They woke up just in time to make it to school and just as I was taking care of the final 15 things to get out the door, I heard a knock at the door.

Surprise: the contractor showed up to fix our siding! 

A little heads up would have been nice but the work needed to get done so I can't complain too much. Don't worry, no serious issues, just some cosmetic concerns. I would have picked a different day, in case you're curious, as the risk of of shortened naps after yesterday's wonky schedule about gave me an anxiety attack. The boys actually slept through it, though. I was shocked. No, SHOCKED (that describes it better). Just shows how tired they were. 

The other photo above is capturing one of the best decisions I've made in awhile: an online grocery order. I cannot express how happy it made me to not have to squeeze in a grocery trip on top of everything else today (did I mention my brother arrived tonight so heavy cleaning and loads and loads of laundry were necessary?). Sometimes my over-planning really pays off.