Day 189 | A Little Conflicted

Don't tell my husband but I'm considering changing my mind about one of the strongest beliefs I've had since we met: not listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

It just seems to be cheating the fall to start listening to Christmas music too early. Chris's tradition? Starting to listen to it after the first snow. Luckily, since moving to the District, the first snow doesn't typically come before Thanksgiving so it hasn't caused too many conflicts in our marriage.

This year, I'm torn, though. I want to give Chase a fighting chance at learning some of the holiday classics. I just don't know how realistic that is in only four weeks. I'll continue some heavy contemplation and keep you posted about my final decision. Motherhood is full of reconsidering things you've always known, right?

Note: Please don't judge me on my holiday music collection pictured above. These were the only hard copies I could find. Plus, it's not part of the holiday spirit to judge!