Day 197 | Oh Yeah, This is DC

Seemed like a pretty easy plan for the day: a trip down to the Mall to meet our friends John and Caia and play at the Museum of the American Indian.

Then one of my least favorite parts about this city got in the way: the traffic. We've had such good luck in that department lately that I almost forgot how much I despise sitting, without moving, in the car. With two babies.

We did make it to the museum after some tense moments, several songs, and a Marshall and Thomas (the train) story. This museum is, unexpectedly, lots of fun for the kiddos. There's a great children's area with a skateboard (pictured above), a kayak (modeled next to Robbe), a teepee, an igloo, and too many additional exhibits to mention. We wish we could have been there for longer, but we'll take what we can get.

In case you think that was the only traffic congestion we got stuck in today, you'd be wrong. The trip to Caia and John's house for lunch took twice as long as it should have and the trip back home was no piece of cake, either.

Thanks for the reminder, DC.