Day 252 | Decisions, Decisions

Chase made his decision. And, yes, that is Thomas driving.
Decision making is not a strong suit of mine (just ask my parents or husband). I'm happy to report Chase might have dodged the inability-to-decide gene if today is any indicator.  

After a heartbreaking morning involving a swollen eye (with a fear it was the pink variety) and a cancelled play date (hard to say who took the change of plans or Chase), a trip to the grocery store was as exciting as our morning turned out (don't worry, his eye started looking better almost immediately). I thought maybe a special treat would brighten everyone's spirits. 

Without hesitation, Chase selected a box of cookies with Cookie Monster on the front and proceeded to walk the aisles clenching the box and singing a pretty amazing cookie song. Decision made, right? Not so fast: then we hit the toy aisle. 

At first his attempts to convince me to buy a new (and blue!) car went to deaf ears. It was just Christmas, after all. I was going to put my foot down and even convinced him to walk away. But, after seeing the sadness in his little eyes as we turned the corner, I realized how silly I was being. I'd rather spend $3 on a box of cookies than $5 on a [pretty cool] car?

That's when it dawned on me: time to teach one of life's hardest lessons. Let the boy decide what he wants more: cookies or car? There wasn't an easy winner. You could almost see the gears in his little mind working so hard. I did my best to lay out the pros of each option (I think I even favored the side of cookies assuming he would be more interested in instant gratification).

In the end, you can see in the photo above what he chose. He made the decision (and fairly quickly), put the cookies away, and never looked back. That's my boy. Maybe he can teach me a thing or two.