Day 253 | A Laundry Tip

Can you believe I have a laundry tip to share? Me neither!

It's been a day of cleaning and laundry so what a perfect occasion to share the one and only laundry epiphany I've had. 

Do you use the bulk container of laundry detergent, the kind with the spout (see above on the left)? We do too, but it always drove me crazy that the cap got gooey immediately. I used to just set it on top of the washer and wipe it out constantly. Not any more!

I saved a small laundry detergent bottle and I put the bulk bottle cap on top of the small bottle so the excess soap drips into the small bottle. The cap stays clean and it's amazing how much detergent drops back into that container to be used on future loads. 

Has everyone already figured this out? Probably...but just let me bask in my awesome problem-solving.