Day 269 | My Favorite Things: #1

After a long long week last week full of too much crying and Chase's first full-fledged, limp-body, kicking-and-screaming meltdown (we almost made it to three years without one, that's something to be thankful for, right?), I'm tying to stay positive this week. So, to brighten my own spirits, I will be posting a photo a day of my favorite things. And I really mean "things," material things that is. Otherwise I'd feel obligated to come up with baby-related uppers and I'm trying to steer clear of those. I still have a tiny bit of me that exists outside of being a mom.

Here we go, day one: fresh flowers. And these in particular. I'm not even sure what they are...I picked them up on a whim from Trader Joe's and they're my new favorite. So dainty and feminine.