Day 293 | A Day in the Life: Robbe

It's our little guy's moment in the spotlight. Here's a glimpse at what a day looks like for our he'll-be-one-in-10-days baby:

6:00am - Wake up screaming. Mommy offers teething drops and a restless sleep ensues. 
7:30am - Up for good. Snuggle time with mommy.
7:35am - Eat some delicious mommy milk
7:50am - Independent playtime in crib with books and stuffed friends. 
8:05am - Diaper change/dressed
8:10am - Playtime/exploring
8:20am - Breakfast time: green oatmeal with banana and water
8:45am - Playtime with big brother
8:55am - Diaper change
9:05am - Shoes on/coat on/hat on
9:10am - Tag along for a drive to big brother's school
9:45am - Return home for morning nap
9:50am - Naptime routine begins: diaper change, sleepsack on, sing "Hush Little Baby"
9:55am - Sleeping like a baby
11:00am - Wake up time
11:10am - Back in the car to pick up big brother
11:50am - Independent playtime back at home
12:10pm - Lunch: zucchini pancake, string cheese, and strawberries with water
12:40pm - Independent playtime with big brother: ransacking the ottoman toy chest
12:45pm - Family playtime downstairs: ball tower, animal friends, wooden vegetables
1:25pm - Naptime routine begins: changing, sleepsack on, eat mommy milk, read two books
1:50pm - Sleepytime
4:30pm - Wake up, welcome playdate
4:45pm - Snacktime: yogurt pouch, dried apple pieces
6:10pm - Dinner: quinoa tex mex casserole, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower with water
6:45pm - Daddy playtime: Mr. Potato Head, quality time with Mama Kitty and baby polar bear
7:10pm - Family playtime
7:20pm - Bedtime routine: change into pjs/sleepsack, lotions, eat mommy milk, read two books
7:45pm - Sleepytime