Day 295 | Chase Chooses

It dawned on me this morning that our first born might be feeling *slightly* left out these days. Last weekend, everything was focused on Chris and me as we celebrated our birthdays. And we went straight from that to planning and organizing Robbe's upcoming party (next weekend!). So, today was officially declared Chase Celebration Day. He got to choose everything we did today. Curious about what he selected?
  • Blueberry pancakes with a side of mixed berries and orange juice for breakfast
  • Reading time with Daddy during Robbe's morning nap 
  • A trip to the library (and we told him he could select anything) for new Thomas books 
  • "Chicken" (ok, they were tofu) nuggets for lunch with a side of blueberries
  • Reading a book at the lunch table. Crazy, I know!
  • Oreos for afternoon snack
  • More books (do you notice a trend?) and some quality choo choo play time after nap
  • Chinese food for dinner (I swear that's what he chose...and he even asked Chris very sweetly to drive out in a snowstorm to pick it up) with a side of blueberries, obviously
It was sweet to see Chase so excited about the day being all about him. He loved making the decisions and gave us the biggest smile at bedtime. First ever Chase Celebration Day was a success!