Day 297 | Birthday Prep: Take Three

Who thought it was a good idea to fit three family birthdays in a two week period? Lesson learned for next year: start the prep work right after Christmas. :)

So now I'm hustling trying to make Robbe's first birthday party as special, but not over the top, as possible. I'm confident we can pull it off. 

The theme is going to be cats. And I swear it's not because of my love of all things cat-related. He really does like cats. He can't handle not attacking, I mean snuggling, Miga when she's in the same room as him and if you ask "where's the kitty?" he strains his head in every direction looking for her. So a cat theme it is. 

First up on my craft list? Making sweet cat ears for all/any of our willing guests. Although not the quickest project, it is really simple: just felt, hot glue and headbands. I used paper to decide how big I wanted the ears and then just cut and glued the felt. Chase was pretty excited about them when I showed him the mock-up so hopefully at least a few of our guests will feel the same way.