Day 311 | A Line a Day

I've never been a journal-er. For some reason, I could never get in the habit of jotting down my thoughts/experiences/life commentary on a frequent basis.

I'm so proud to report, though, that I've managed to stick to this journal for over a  year now: Mom's One Line a Day. It's such an interesting concept for a journal that I had to give it a try. What is the concept? Write one line (or more appropriately a quick few lines) a day for five years. Each day of the calendar has a space for five different entries (one for each year) so you can look back on what you did that day every year. Pretty cool, right? 

I started the journal on Robbe's birth day so I recently began adding another year to the pages. It wasn't always easy to motivate myself to stay up an extra two minutes (I'm so tired!) and there have definitely been catch-up days where I fill in multiple dates (thanks for the help, blog!), but it's so rewarding now that I can see what our world looked like a year ago. And cooler yet will be looking back four years, when the time comes. 

If pink and mom-my isn't your style, they have a regular version of the journal as well.