Day 327 | Talk About Pressure

I'm sure you recall from previous posts that I cut Chase's hair. Until this point, it's been pretty low stress. If I screw up (which I haven't really, shocking!), I know I can always go a bit shorter or just wait a few days and it'll be fine.

Not this haircut. Chase has his first-ever school photo on Tuesday. As humorous as it would be to have him look like a misfit child, that's just not an option. So I took to the clipper and scissors very mindfully today. Not too short. Not too noticeable as a "I-got-my-haircut-for-school-pictures" cut, no straight across bangs (lesson learned). 

And here's the outcome. I'm pretty satisfied with it, all things considered. There might be some minor tweaks but it's a definite sigh of relief.