Day 374 | Sleep Tracking

I need sleep. My body now seems permanently programmed to wake up a billion times a night since being catapulted out of my normal routine since having Robbe. Since being pregnant with Robbe, now that I think of it. I should have seen that as a warning sign, I guess. He's sleeping fine now, though, in case you're curious.

After failed attempts to try obvious sleep aids (ear plugs, no caffeine, melatonin, white noise, etc), I decided to kick it up a notch and ask for a Fitbit for Mother's Day. Basically, it's a glorified pedometer but, and this is the important function, it tracks sleep! I know it has its limitations, but for the most part I want to know if I'm really awake for as long as I think I am or if my mind is playing tricks on me. And once that is identified, if I can notice any patterns that appear.

After the first night (see chart above), the verdict is still out. According to the report this morning, I was awake five times (in one night!) and was in a state of restlessness 21 times (whoa.). That sounds about right to me. 

We'll see what tonight brings...