Day 379 | Never Grow Up

Can you guess what we did today? Yep, that's our new minivan. Ahhhh! I own a minivan (bottom right). I can honestly say that speaking those words rank right up there with "I'm a stay at home mom" as phrases I thought I'd never say.

The process today was not easy in any sense of the word. I might suggest that it was one of the most stressful mornings we've had in awhile. Here's why:
  1. Missing document: Chris and I are obsessive when it comes to paperwork so when we couldn't find our car title this morning we both were stressed out. Luckily, you can trade your car in without a title. Who knew? Now we just need to get to the DMV to remedy that. 
  2. Major injury: Ok, maybe not that major, but it felt like that at the time. Without going into the sad details, Robbe took quite a fall at the dealership and ended up with a pretty substantial war wound to show for it. Not stress-free to deal with a hysterical baby mid-car buying. 
  3. Spending money: this goes without saying for us. Chris and I aren't great at spending money. We deliberate and deliberate and then deliberate some more. And a car purchase is definitely no joke when it comes to spending money. 
  4. Messing with our schedule: the car buying endeavor took 3 hours. Three! That's an hour more than they quoted us and an hour past when we needed to leave to make it home before nap. I just feel so sad when my babies are blatantly exhausted and we're schlepping them around. The boys were champions, though, and they handled the whole experience better than Chris and me.
So, there it is. Even though I'm a proud, but slightly hesitant, owner of a new minivan, I refuse to admit I've grown up that much. And farewell, Tiguan. You were a great car and our time together was far too short.