Day 500 | 500!

Somehow another 100 days have come and gone since my last team update. 100 days...that's a little over 3 months, a little over 14 weeks, and 2,400 hours. It's so cliche, but where does the time go? I see these boys grow little by little but until you step back for a minute and realize another 100 days have gone by, it all sneaks up on you.

Name: Sara
Favorites: starting to sleep a little bit better (and it's not completely the babies' fault anymore), visitors (September and October visits are making me very very happy), cooler temperatures (and I am not jumping on the “I love Fall bandwagon", it’s always been my favorite), purging (I spent an hour going through old work clothes this week and boy did it feel good to fill bag after bag for donations)
Biggest hurdle to overcome: reworking my schedule. There’s been big changes around here: Chase is in school five days a week (which means breakfast/getting moving/naptime is earlier), I’ve started working with my dear friend, Mary Catherine (which I’m loving!), and we’ve been having lots of visitors (see above). All of that means, less time for me to get myself organized and feel like I’m on top of everything. I’ll get there, I just need to figure out what I can ease up on a bit.

Dreams for the future: enjoying the now-limited quality time with my babies. With Chase in school and Robbe being schlepped here and there constantly, our once frequent “down time” has all but vanished. I need to start building in more of that to bring everyone down from the current high-energy level.

Name: Chris
Favorites: stalking his fantasy football team, thinking about vacations, watching the Badgers, not paying for haircuts anymore (it's my new hobby)
Biggest hurdle to overcome: convincing Robbe that his dad is super fun to play with. Chase gets it. He really gets it. Robbe, on the other hand, is very content to do his own thing most of the time. It'll happen, I promise! If you see Robbe, maybe you could put in a good word for Chris as a playmate.
Dreams for the future: eating his body weight in fair food this weekend (corn dogs and apple dumplings with ice cream, specifically).

Name: Chase
Age: 3.5 years
Favorites: Paw Patrol (books, movies, toys, clothing, anything), school (he's a big fan), breakfast for dinner (I mean, who doesn't love it?), pretend play (he can do it forever), visitors and vacationing (hmmm...where does he get that from?), keeping anything he's playing with away from Robbe
Biggest hurdle to overcome: napping at school. This little guy needs to nap at school. There's really no question. The days he doesn't, you can tell immediately upon first glance at pick up. We're working on it. I'll keep you posted.
Dreams for the future: planning out Christmas and birthday presents and his birthday party theme. These holidays are three months and seven months away, respectively. Oh, and also to drive a car. That was his response to the question, "What's your dream for the school year," at school last week. I'm not sure that's attainable, but he's quite a go-getter so we'll see.

Name: Robbe
Age: 1.5 years
Favorites: his mom, his cat, this Planes Go book, attempting to play with anything Chase is playing with, eating (he remains the hungriest he's ever been at every single meal), seeking during games of hide and seek
Biggest hurdle to overcome: teeth. Yep, they are still torturing him. Still! Just four more teeth away from a little break in this whole teething nightmare. The kid just can't catch a break.
Dreams for the future: becoming a better listener. This may be more of a dream for me than him, but I'm confident he'd be a happier little peanut if he spent a bit more time working with me instead of pushing his limits. Seems reasonable, right?

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