Day 513 | My Little Shadow

Robbe has been *extra* into being close to me lately. Sometimes this is a sweet sentiment but often it's a little exhausting to be the sole object of his affection.

It's gotten to the point where he is very vocal about expressing his displeasure when I'm not able to focus all my energy on him (the thought of having to cook or clean, the horror!). And he doesn't talk yet so expressing himself means crying, loudly and frequently. 

I had a breakthrough tonight, though: while washing dishes and listening to Chris try to calm him down (unsuccessfully), I told him he could stand next to me quietly while finished the dishes. If he did that, I would pick him up as soon as I finished. And he did it! I bet it was a good five minutes of him patiently waiting a foot away from me while I cleaned up dinner. I don't think he's stood still for that long ever. 

Although there was a bit of success involved in tonight's experiment, I'm hoping this phase passes quickly.