Day 522 | About Right

For the record, this is an amazing floor mat in our kitchen, not the condition of our actual floor. It is, however, the actual condition of the two broken wine glasses. :)
You know when you have those days where everything is just about perfect? Nope, this wasn't one of those at my house. After a tear-filled doctor appointment for Robbe (he's healthy and growing, though!), the afternoon was filled with more meltdowns. Not sure what's in the air lately but I'm hoping we move on quickly.

To top it off, amidst some of the crying, I managed to drop two wine glasses and shatter glass all over the kitchen counter and floor. Right before dinnertime (when everyone is about their least patient versions of themselves). 

We all survived (except the wine glasses, I guess) and managed to enjoy the remainder of the evening, however. Fingers crossed for an improved day tomorrow.