Day 523 | Another Journal

Remember how I started this journal after Robbe was born? And remember that pesky little blog-thing I'm doing? Well apparently that wasn't enough to capture our daily lives around here. For the last couple months we've also been filling out this planner every day that Chris works. Chase and I go over Chase's day and write down everything that he wants to tell his daddy about when he gets home. It's very sweet and a wonderful glimpse into the life of our little guy-plus it guarantees I don't forget to mention any important details based solely on memory.

Almost all of the line items are directly from Chase's mouth (and they mostly make sense). I can't completely speak for both Chris and Chase, but I'm pretty sure it's one of their favorite parts of the day. Chase will tell me frequently to "make sure to remember to add that to the checklist." And he requests to review the list immediately when Chris walks through the door. I've had to remind him to ask his daddy how his day was first.

I think we're in the running to be the most-documented family ever--at least in the non-famous category.