Day 526 | Highs and Lows

Unlike yesterday's morning of highs, today's morning ended with us making a trip to urgent care for poor Robbe. His nasty cold just keeps getting worse and we all needed the peace of mind knowing there wasn't a deeper problem. The verdict? No deeper problem. Just a nasty cold backing up into his eyes. Good and bad news since we were hoping to help him feel better and it turns out he just needs to fight it off on his own. Fingers crossed for a better night's sleep tonight to aid that process.

To recover from the less-than-ideal vacation morning, Chris took his parents to walk the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and then all of us played on "our beach" after nap. We even saw a rainbow!

Oh, the other highlight? I did yoga on our balcony overlooking the ocean. To say it was amazing just doesn't cut it. I even managed to get into headstand unassisted for the first time since the babies. Woohoo!