Day 559 | Moms

Sometimes I don't understand why my boys like me so much. I'm not always as patient and understanding as I'd like to be. I'm the primary disciplinarian (mostly because I'm the one with them for the majority of the day). I'm not nearly as sympathetic when they're sick (especially when it draws on for six+ week) as they deserve. I'm constantly multitasking when we're together (of course I can clean, cook, play, and read all at the same time).

And yet...they have this never ending, never questioning love towards me. It's amazing, really. Where is this coming from? Two events from the past few days:
  1. At pickup from school on Friday, I found out that Chase didn't sleep at nap time. We've had a really good stretch lately so I thought maybe we were past this. He definitely needs the sleep and naptime lasts 1.5 hours. He can just lay there, quietly, for 1.5 hours. Crazy, right? Just close your eyes! Anyway, I was slightly disappointed and frustrated by this news and was grilling Chase about why he didn't sleep. After several minutes, he finally said, "I didn't want to sleep." When I dug deeper and asked why, he hesitated for a moment then looked me right in the eyes and said, "I just needed you, momma." Are you kidding me? Talk about going from frustrated to putty in his hands. I honestly teared up. Could you imagine hearing anything sweeter from your 3.5 year old?
  2. As I've mentioned, Chase is getting into writing and drawing. I'm really enjoying watching this evolution. It's fascinating to me. This weekend, he wrote his first word. And guess what it was? M-O-M. I'm sure it's just because it's a short, easy to write word, but he purposely wrote it, knew what it spelled, and was so proud of himself (as he should have been!). One again, just heart melting. 

You just want to bottle these little moments up and save them for when the boys want nothing to do with me as teenagers. Instead, I'll just try to absorb as much of this sweetness as possible for as long as it lasts.