Day 567 | Family Day

There's a chance we will only be without family for three days during the entire month of December! We have two rounds of visitors coming in the next couple of weeks (my mom for sure and *fingers crossed* for Chris's brother and his family) and then we head back to Wisconsin for the holidays. Whoa! We're over the moon excited about all the family time but we realized with so many visitors and trips planned, it means limited time with just the four of us from now until 2016 (again, we're not complaining!).

So, what does that mean? Today was officially family day. We had breakfast (and took selfies with the boys) at our favorite breakfast joint and then headed down to the Mall for some fun museum time. Chase chose the American History Museum and, as usual, it didn't disappoint. Both boys had a blast running from exhibit to exhibit. It was about as perfect as an outing can be.