Day 583 | Yoga at Home

No, the boys aren't "helping" me with my home practice. Chris keeps them happily entertained. They are just allowed to enter the "yoga room" when a photographer is needed. That's Robbe showing off his down dog, by the way. :)
As much as getting out for a yoga class is about the best thing ever, I've resigned myself to start a more active home practice. I just can't seem to carve out the 2+ hours needed to get to a studio class (including transit, parking, and practicing time). Sad, but true.

So, my new goal has been to squeeze in two 30 minute home practices per week right after Chris gets home from work. I can't say that I meet that goal every week, but I'm trying. And it's amazing how much better my back feels on a daily basis if I can just stick with it. Yoga=good. 

If you're interested in a yoga-at-home resource, check out YogaGlo. There are tons (and tons!) of classes of all levels, yoga styles, focuses, and duration. It's free for the first month then $18 after that (the cost of just one class here)...such a steal! My favorite teacher is Stephanie Snyder at the moment and I highly recommend the vinyasa style of yoga (it's a more active form of yoga that focuses on moving with the breath). Give it a try. Your body and mind will thank you.