Day 613 | Vacation!

It was such a lovely conversation- and laughter-filled day that I almost forgot my post! That's when you know vacation is going well. I spent most of the day continuing to try to let go of my schedule-oriented tendencies: we didn't eat lunch until 130!, we weren't back at the house until almost 4!, I didn't have any meals to prep/cook! I'm surprised how programmed I am for all that stuff, but I guess I shouldn't be. I've been with these little guys almost nonstop for two whole years.

Have I mentioned through all this I'm fully aware I have the best husband in the world?!? Thank you, Chris, for taking on the role of solo parent this weekend. The only reason I have been able to take a breath and enjoy this trip is knowing our boys are in your extremely capable, and [
frankly more fun, hands.