Day 640 | Me vs. Rx

For a long time, I've avoided taking medications. I've never been able to properly articulate why this is, but I think, at the root, I just want to give my body a chance to fight off whatever's going on before intervening. After all, that's kind of what it's designed to do (not for everything, though!).

After my experience with my pharmacy and getting a prescription filled this week, I realized that the other reason I prefer not to take medication is because the whole "filling a prescription process" is a joke. And not a funny one.

In order to get my prescription filled after my dermatology appointment last week (my body can't sufficiently handle my hormonal acne, it turns out), it took three visits to the pharmacy, two calls to the doctor's office, and several annoyances along the way. For starters, on my initial trip to the pharmacy, they informed me that the drug wasn't covered by my insurance and that it would cost $470. I'm sorry, what?!? No, I'm not paying $470 for an elective medication. Are you kidding me?

After far too much rigmarole, I received a call from the doctor's office that there was a coupon online for the medication. Yeah right, I'm sure this coupon will drop the price significantly enough to change my mind. Doubt it. I printed it out feeling very leery: the vocabulary was confusing and vague so I brought it in assuming the worst. About 15 minutes later I walked out with my prescription after paying...wait for it...$10.

[shaking my head + rolling my eyes]

You've got to be kidding me with this process, right? I printed out a public coupon and saved $460. There's something seriously wrong here.