Day 700 | 700!

700 is a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Blogging is not always the easiest task to check off my daily to-do list, but it's moments like this (looking back over 700 posts!) that makes it totally worth it. We've come a long way, friends.

Name: Sara
Favorites: everything about springtime, witty texts from Chris + friends, birthday party crafting (the final party is this weekend!), giving away unneeded baby gear (purging feels so good), enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, making my boys belly laugh, finally having our ceiling fixed (remember this), post-sleeping baby hugs (they’re just so warm and cozy + smell so sweet)
Biggest Hurdle to Overcome: managing a million appointments. Between physical therapy and other misc back, wrist, skin, pediatrician appointments, I'm burnt out. Thank goodness for friends that have helped ease the load.
Dreams for the Future: decluttering + purging after surviving the season of gift-giving around here (i.e. Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc).

Name: Chris
Favorites: his new $1.44 t-shirts (practically a steal), a warmer walking commute, his lovely wife making his daily pb&j sandwiches for lunch at work, eating breakfast out, house hunting (it doesn't hurt to look, right?), coming up with entertaining new games for the boys
Biggest Hurdle to Overcome: deciding when it's safe to make the switch back to flip flops again. This spring has been a tricky one.
Dreams for the Future: taking a weekend trip with his brothers. It'll happen someday. Some day.

Name: Chase
Favorites: anything related to space, Frozen, getting hair cuts (so he can watch movies), correcting his parents when they misspeak (who knew it happens so often), gummy gums (his fancy term for the special Easter gummy carrots he enjoyed), comfy pants, receiving gifts, ice cubes in his water, singing, playing make believe, talking about his school friends, breakfast for dinner, asking Siri questions about space
Biggest Hurdle to Overcome: building up his stamina to go for longer scooter rides (he's really become quite an expert).
Dreams for the Future: warmer weather so we can start hitting the playground circuit again (something we're all dreaming about).

Name: Robbe
Favorites: trucks, trucks, and more trucks, harassing Miga, running as fast as he can with his belly sticking out, licking his mom (odd, I know), wearing his fireman coat, watching YouTube truck videos, eating, playing guitar, playing with whatever Chase is playing with (usually relatively peacefully), mommy snuggle time, stickers (a lot!)
Biggest Hurdle to Overcome: attempting to communicate. He wants to be understood so badly. He's making progress but not as fast as anyone would like.
Dreams for the Future: a day where we drive/walk by some sort of large construction equipment every other minute or so. That's not too much to ask, is it?

And, if you're interested in looking back over the past *almost* two years of team blog posts, here's your chance: