Day 750 | Impressive Field Trip

The Bulldogs (Chase's class, made up of 3, 4, and 5 year olds) took an impressive field trip to Nationals Park today. Kudos to his teachers for having the motivation and energy to tackle this type of undertaking.

What are the logistics of this little outing, you might ask? Well, we left the school at 9am to walk to the metro (yep, all these kids loaded a metro train at 9:20am). They all waited patiently through nine stops where we all exited in an orderly fashion to make the short walk to the stadium.

A kind and patient tour guide led these youngsters all over for an entire hour which included the following highlights:
  • the press box
  • the visiting team's locker room
  • the Nationals' dugout
  • the Delta Club seats right behind home plate
  • walking on the field (but not the grass...and everyone, including Robbe, complied)
  • taking in views of the Washington Monument and the Capitol
Following the tour, we stopped for a quick snack break before walking back to the Metro, took a train back the nine stops, and walked back to the school, arriving around 12:15pm, just in time for lunch. All said, those kiddos walked about 2.5 miles from start to finish (I was wearing my Fitbit to track it). And, aside from pretty constant requests for snacks, the kids didn't complain one bit. 

Those Bulldogs, they're tough cookies.