Day 765 | Celebrating the Dads

Well, the big weekend didn't take the direction we had hoped. Instead, we spent another two days in isolation as Chris fought the latest round of Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (at least that's what we think he has...rash is yet to be seen). Luckily tomorrow is Monday. A new week for a new outlook on life.

It's weekends like this when Chris is out of commission that make me realize even more how appreciative I am of him. The enthusiasm, energy, love, and patience he brings to every interaction with our boys is beyond impressive, to say the least. He makes this whole parenting-young-children-thing as enjoyable as a mom could ask for. Thank you, Chris, for all you do everyday for our family. My appreciation might go unsaid at times, but it is definitely felt.

And to my first and favorite dad, I'm thrilled that next year I'll get to celebrate this day with you in person. Thank you for always being a role model to me and now to my boys.