Day 803 | Surprise!

Guess what I did today? I flew to DC to surprise Chris for his going away party at work!

It was the first time we've left the kids since Chase's birth (almost 4.5 years ago). [Full disclosure: we did leave Chase one other time...when Robbe was born. But that doesn't really count.] I say this to relay how hard it was to leave the kiddos behind to make this trip. But man, was it worth it.

I mean, there was never really any question about whether I would go. I knew I needed to. Chris has loved his job so much and it was really hard for him to decide to walk away. These are the people that he has spent hour-upon-hour with, folks that have supported him and befriended him for nearly four years.

I walked away from the party realizing that this group of people, in this massive organization, has seen in Chris what I saw in him at age 18: that he's one of a kind. That he's an amazing human being, but I also learned about his accomplishments as a manager and public employe. He has touched so many lives in his capacity at the SEC and been an inspiration to so many people. I've never been more proud.

**Special thanks to my parents, brother + sister-in law, and especially Isabelle for taking the best care of Chase and Robbe to make this happen. I appreciate it more than I/we can say.