Day 818 | I'm Back

Robbe's first trip to the dentist!

Robbe's first trip to the dentist!

I was hoping that if I took a blogging break I would miraculously have all this extra time on my hands, but alas, that didn't happen. I do have to say that I did love not having *another thing* on my to do list, but I'll also say that blogging is so engrained in my daily life that I had several thoughts every day about how great [fill in the blank] would be for the blog!

What have we been up to, you might ask? Well let me break it down for you:

  • We bought + received + assembled our new couch and patio really came through.
  • We took a miniature train ride in Carson Park. Don't worry, we have to go back to ride the steamie (Sunday's trip was on the diesel train), so you'll get to see photos.
  • I painted Chase's room with my mom's help. It's blue, of course, and amazing. 
  • Chris and I enjoyed evenings full of Olympic action. It's so addicting!
  • A family friend weeded a flower bed of ours (it took hours + hours!) and we discovered a water fountain. And my uncles hooked up the pump today so it's actually working. Who knew we'd ever be classy enough to have a water feature in our yard?
  • Chase and Robbe painted some rocks to complete the summer reading program we signed up for a week and a half ago. These two are reading all stars.
  • We procured a new [used] car. A sweet Honda Accord joined our little Honda family. 
  • I found the perfect train table! I've been scouring craigslist and one popped up really close by. Chase just kept saying, "I'm so excited, I'm so excited!" I think Robbe felt similarly. One of Chase's best comments, "Mom, now we don't have to pick up our tracks when you vacuum." Ha! 
  • I went to a girls-only movie with some of my favorite cousins. I seriously (no exaggeration) can't remember when I've been to a movie without Chris. Is that sweet or sad? I'll go with sweet. By the way, we saw Bad Moms and it was hysterical. 
  • I've been working hard with Mary Catherine to check client work off the list before her wee one arrives. 
  • Stopped into our local Children's Museum for an olympic-themed visit.
  • We checked off another round of dentist appointments off the was Robbe's first! See photo above. 

Unfortunately, because of all this action, I didn't get to work on my new blog at all. I know, I'm disappointed, too. My plan is to keep the same photo-a-day format under a new name (I'm not in the District anymore, after all) and new look. Exciting, right? I finally settled on the perfect name (just today!), but I've got some work to do on my site. Until that happens, I'll continue with this as my blogging home.