Day 1152 | "Busy Day"


We woke up knowing today was going to be a big one. And it was.

  1. It started out with a morning at the Eau Claire County Fair (with lots of 4-H exhibits, animals, games, and tootsie rolls).
  2. We ate a quick lunch, then onto Madagascar: A Musical Adventure put on by the local children's theater. It was the first full-length musical for either of the boys and it was the perfect introduction for them. 
  3. Back home for a bit of a break then onto Chalkfest at the local university. It remains one of my favorite events in this city. I wouldn't have minded a few more clouds as we were admiring the crazy-impressive art, but I'll take what I can get. 

All in all, a busy but wonderful day--three of my favorite activities all wrapped into 10 hours!. A big (HUGE) thank you to my parents to treating us to all the fun. 

**Special note: You'll notice the quotes around today's title. Robbe just kept repeating "busy day" over and over again all day. That's when you know there's a lot going on.