Day 1127 | Express Game


Two items off the summer list today. Whoop whoop!

Most of my family (we missed you Matt!) met up at the local baseball field for an Express Game. It was the perfect weather and the perfect introduction to a night at the ballpark for the boys. Aside from both of them falling down the bleachers, it was a huge success.  

And, because we were up late already, we decided to light some tiny fireworks when we got home. Chase has been asking to see the real deal this year and they just start so late! We decided this would be a good introduction. Thank goodness we did it this way. Chase was scared out of his skin with just the little pops from the small boxes. I think it'll be another year or two until we're out for the big show.  

2017 EC Summer Bucket List

  • Discover 3 new parks - ONE DONE
  • Take a pony ride at a festival
  • Weekend camping trip
  • Pick strawberries - CHECK!
  • Pick blueberries
  • Attend a city or county fair
  • Build a tree fort
  • Bike a city trail
  • Stay up past bedtime - CHECK!
  • Visit an animal shelter
  • Swim in three different pools - ONE DOWN
  • Play mini golf
  • Complete summer reading program at the library
  • Ride the mini steam train
  • Eat a s'more (Chase has requested one without the marshmallow) - CHECK!
  • Attend an Express game - CHECK!