Day 1183 | A Final Check


Today was a really good day. It started out with breakfast with family, then we took advantage of the beautiful weather by checking "play mini golf" off the bucket list (see more details below) and pool-sitting for a neighbor that was out of town. Round out the evening with some yummy sushi and some Netflix binge-watching and that's a good day.

In case you're thinking it can't get much better than that, though, it does! I had the best game of mini golf ever. I even beat Chris (mostly because of my two hole-in-ones). Don't be mistaken by the tallied scores, Chase and I did not tie. Chris was just trying to be nice by evening out the scores. Also, if you're worried we were playing all day because of Robbe's "94" and "84" scores, we subscribed to the honesty-scoring system with the boys. We let them power ahead on the course and they just reported their scores back to us. Chris and I did not subscribe to the same scoring method. You can't trust that guy. I won fair and square.

Because of that game of mini golf, I'm happy to report that we managed to cross everything off our bucket list but one item: "build a tree fort". We've decided, after careful consideration, that we're going to wait and do some more brainstorming on the perfect plan for our fort. Next summer, though, next summer.

Time to make the fall bucket list, I guess!

2017 EC Summer Bucket List

  • Discover 3 new parks - CHECK!
  • Take a pony ride at a festival - CHECK!
  • Weekend camping trip - CHECK!
  • Pick strawberries - CHECK!
  • Pick blueberries - CHECK!
  • Attend a city or county fair - CHECK!
  • Build a tree fort
  • Bike a city trail - CHECK!
  • Stay up past bedtime - CHECK!
  • Visit an animal shelter - CHECK!
  • Swim in three different pools - CHECK!
  • Play mini golf - CHECK!
  • Complete summer reading program at the library - CHECK!
  • Ride the mini steam train - CHECK!
  • Eat a s'more (Chase has requested one without the marshmallow) - CHECK!
  • Attend an Express game - CHECK!
  • Visit the Butterfly House - CHECK!