Day 1521 | STEAM Fair


Last week was so busy that I didn’t have the chance to post about Chase participating in his first STEAM (Sceince, Technology, Engineering, Art., Math) Fair at school. He teamed up with a third-grader, second-grader, and another first-grader to present their project on extinct animals. He’s in a mixed-grade classroom so that’s why the groups are organized like that. 

The third-grader got to pick the topic, the second- and third-graders did most of the online research, and the first-graders were in charge of drawing, writing, and coloring. Chase also teamed up with the second-grader to create a video, too.  

With no at-home work and minimal adult guidance at school, I was impressed with what these small people put together. They did title their project “Ex. Animals” because “Ex.”  stands for extinct. It doesn’t, but it’s still cute.