Day 1323 | And So It Continues


Another day of sick baby snuggles around here. Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday but it’s hard to find something to take a picture of when you’ve got a feverish little one connected to you at all times. 

I took Robbe into the doctor yesterday. With all the crazy stuff going around, you can never be too safe. We found out he’s got a nasty cold and an ear infection. He just has to let his little body fight through it. 

Today was a bit better. The Tylenol really helped make him more comfortable, which it didn’t do yesterday, and the fever only crept back in with some achiness when it was time for the next dose.  

All in all, I really can’t complain. We’ve had a relatively healthy patch for awhile now. Here’s hoping once we get past this round, we’ll have another nice long healthy patch ahead.  

**As you might have guessed, the photo above is not from today. Once again, I didn’t have a picture to post so I found this gem buried in my phone. Ahh...remember the time when everyone wasn’t sick and they could share a drink? And we could actually leave the house?!?  Those days were the best.