Day 1494 | Picture Day


These cute little nuggets had school pictures today. No lie, I spent at least 30 minutes attempting to style Chase’s hair so it holds for longer than three minutes. Yes, the photo above is the “styled” version. He claims that it held up until his photo was taken “after silent reading and music class”. I’m skeptical.

I feel like parents should be allowed at school for picture day. I want to be there to fix his shirt when it’s askew. I want to give one more tweak to his little hairdo. I want to “facilitate” a real smile (instead of this). Does this make me a helicopter mom? Probably. Really, though, it’s just because it’s the ONE professional photo we have taken on a yearly basis and I want it to be good! I want them to capture the essence of my favorite people in the whole world. Is that too much to ask?!? And, at the end o the day, I need a real smile for his graduation board, you know?