Day 1579 | Snow Day #2


It really should be called a cold day, I guess. No snow today but man the temps dropped quickly (and it wasn’t warm to begin with). We did manage a trip to the grocery store. It turns out you still have to eat when it’s cold. And Chris and I even snuck out for a dinner with some neighbors (it was planned before we knew just how cold it was going to be)—thanks for watching the boys, Mom! 

No plans to leave the house tomorrow. It’s going to be real ugly out there. Fingers crossed we still like each other when this is all over. I will say, we miss the days when Chris got snow days, too. That’s the real downside of this. Nothing is quite as much fun with a quarter of our team absent.  

Note: This was a screenshot of the temperature when I went up for bed. Wind chill of -42. That’s no joke.