Day 1628 | Happy 7th Birthday!


Just like that birthday season comes to an end. It was kind of bittersweet not to have a big party this year, but the low key weekend with my three favorite people in the whole world definitely made it more sweet than bitter.

And what a day it was. We celebrated this seven-year-old in exactly the way he wanted to celebrate: opening presents before breakfast, cinnamon rolls as a breakfast dessert, a short scoot to the bridge, watching Harry Potter (they just finished the first book), lunch at Noodles, playtime with some new toys, video-gaming with his dad and brother, pasta pillows + cake with some special guests, and more love + attention than he could handle. It was low key (we only left the house once, after all) and absolutely perfect for Chase.

Seven years ago, I became a mom. Forty weeks doesn’t adequately prepare you for what this role entails. In fact, seven years in and I’m still not sure if I’m doing a good job. But at the end of the day, they’re happy, I’m happy, and our hearts are full. No matter how many gifts I offer up to Chase, the gift he gave me by making me a mom trumps them all. And he’ll never really understand that—as it should be.

Updates on 7 Year Old Chase

  • He’s graduated to a two-wheel scooter…as of today! Chase has been scooting on on his three-wheeler for about four years. We gave him a scooter for his birthday today and he rocked it on his first outing.

  • He’s got a sweet little friend group. Chase spends his days at school with his two first-grade buddies and it’s adorable.

  • He thinks his dad is hysterical. Like really, really funny. It’s just one of the things Chase and I have in common.

  • He continues to have a sensitive soul. It comes with its ups and downs, but I’ll take his sweet, sensitive heart any day.

  • He no longer puts holes in his pants’ knees. That must mean his play has changed, right? Just another sign of growing up, I guess.

  • He loves Superman ice cream. That’s a real flavor. I don’t really get it, but that’s ok.

  • He’s kind of an expert traveler. He’s happy to read, play, watch movies, etc. for hours. He’s about the most contented little guy (or is he a medium guy now?) ever.