Day 1726 | Last Day of Summer Vacay


What do you do with your last day of summer vacation? Whatever you want, of course! We had a play date with a friends (and brought donuts). We had pasta pillows (ravioli) for lunch. We watched a movie AND played video games (Minecraft…our newest obsession). We played outside and ate dinner al fresco (including a surprise visit from grandma and grandpa). We stayed up past bedtime (for the boys, not us) to make a run for ice cream.

It was a good end to a really great summer. I’m happy to say that I’m sad to see the season come to an end. I’d rather be in this situation than waiting to kick them out the door. I just love these little nuggets so much. They’re fun to be around and make me laugh every single day. I’ll definitely miss my favorite buddies during the day—even if they end up with weird mustache/goatees after eating ice cream.