Day 1728 | School Warm-Up


School officially starts for these two tomorrow but we had “signing day” today where we stopped by school, dropped off classroom supplies, and hung out with the teachers a bit. It was good to be back.

It’s been a great summer. I worked more than I expected so the balancing act was a bit trickier than I had hoped for, but it all worked out ok and the boys didn’t seem to mind/notice my preoccupation. I’m thankful that we had our Summer Bucket List to keep us on track. Unfortunately, we didn’t cross everything off the list, but I’d say we did pretty good! Plus there were a couple of add-ons (Madison weekend + _______) that we didn’t even plan for.

Summer is the best, isn’t it? And it feels more special because it’s so fleeting. But the boys are ready…and after the last couple of days, I’m ready, too. I’m ready for routine. I’m ready for [slightly] cooler temps. I’m ready to see my boys grow and blossom in ways I can’t imagine (and could never bring out in them). I’m ready to have some kid-free time to find myself again—it’s been seven and a half years, after all (more on that to come).

Happy school year, everyone!

2019 Summer Bucket List